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Captain Adorable (◕‿◕✿)


"-and I have to speculate that God himself did make us into corresponding shapes like puzzle pieces from the clay. and, true it may seem like a stretch, but it’s thoughts like this that catch my troubled head when you’re away or when I’m missing you to death." (such great heights)

"Lydia, you go with Stiles."


Orphan Black, Season 1

Who is the  o r i g i n a l  ? Who  r e a t e d  us? Who’s  k i l l i n g  us?

blogrates bc i need to broaden my musical taste and i’m semi-close to my goal! (*‿*✿)


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Name two things you like about yourself, then pass it on to the first ten people on your dash. #TeamSelfEsteem

Thanks for sending this in! Aaaaand I like that I’m empathetic and that I’m good with kids. 

harry potter + silhouettes


Things that need to be more affordable:

-plane tickets

-whole, natural foods


-workout clothing

-phone bills

-University (education) tuition

Things that need to be more expensive:

-processed foods that are causing the obesity rate to skyrocket




The camera turned on by itself I am no model

favourite quotes → lydia martin (teen wolf)

“You’ll be fine, my lady. You are stronger than you think.”

― Ser Dontos, aka what I whisper to Sansa through the TV screen every week (via sansasnark)